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SiStars Walk 2017


Congratulations to our team of young parents and women who have been part of our Inspire! and ReCreate projects who completed a 25km walk from Putney to Islington on Saturday 10 June 2017 – – raising money for creative projects which support other young families. SUPPORT THEM HERE

A team of young parents and young women from Islington are raising money for Inspire! and ReCreate Young Parents Projects. The women – who have all taken part in Inspire!, ReCreate and other All Change projects came together to walk so that other young women and their families can have the opportunity that they have had. They walked 25 km in one day on Saturday 10 June 2017.

Inspire! – run by All Change – is a creative learning programme for young parents and expectant mothers aged 13-19, mixing issue based arts work with accredited learning and advice, guidance and personal development . Since 2004 Inspire! has supported over 100 young parents back into education and training. ReCreate – run by young parents for young parents aged 19-25 provides creative activities for families which include workshops and trips to shows and exhibitions in London.

“I’m doing this challenge because I want future mums to receive the great experience that I got. I don’t know where I’d be without Inspire!. It’s like one big supportive family.” – Hannah, 21

“I am taking part in this challenge, as I believe Inspire! is all I had to look forward to as a young mum. I had a good support network there and I think that other young women might find it to be as helpful as I have. It’s helped so many females be a better version of themselves and to be a better mum.” – Randene, 22

“I am doing the fundraising challenge because I want to raise awareness of Inspire! and show other young parents that they’re not alone and can get help, support and advice and also make friends.” – Jessica, 23

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